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Residential Design

Notes on napkins,  Multiple Notebooks with SKU#'s. Mom always wants the open kitchen with an island and don't forget the walk-in closet. Choose from one of our stock plans or we can take your vision of your home from thought to paper. 

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The Simplist things can Take Me a Lifetime

I Finally picked up a Marker and Pen (10/20 - 01/23) about 26 Months ago, I was 47 years old. All of these pieces were created in this time frame and are my first collections gathered from my Art Journals (1 of 11 Hard Bound Journals) with my artwork and notes of creation inside.  I logged chronologically from the Beginning of my Studio till I ran out of the first Boxes of blank art books I bought from Michaels Art Store.

All works on our site are original works of myself Sean Wilson.  All works are printed on Threaded Oxford Polyethylene Canvas with a 5 Pigment Color System.  All Canvas' are Enumerated and Signed with raised seal in the order of purchase - NO EXCEPTIONS - And Logged into the Master Records of the Creative Studios.

At the Sean Wilson Creative Studios we take our Artisanship Extremely Seriously.   If you claim a work to be yours, it best be ALL of Yours from Concept to Creation.  If collaborating, give credit where credit is due. It's one thing to say "Thats a great idea" and another to say "that great idea is Mine!!"

"Temp me not by the virtues of a Brothel.  Instead give me the Insanity of PAINT!!!"

- Sean Wilson

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